Allen Parish Hospital Provides High-Quality Imaging and Low Dose Exams with New Toshiba CT System

Toshiba's Aquilion Lightning Offers Fast, Safe and Comfortable Patient Exams with Advanced Technology

Pictured: Jere Teegarden, Terry Robin, Karen Savant, and Michael Coolman

Kinder, LA, May 2017 - Patients of Allen Parish Hospital located in Kinder, Louisiana will now have access to safe and comfortable exams with the installation of Toshiba's Aquilion LightningTM CT system. The Aquilion Lightning combines advanced features like a wider bore and cutting-edge dose reduction technology with exceptional image quality to help healthcare providers deliver quality patient care.

"To ensure our patients continue to receive the best possible care without sacrificing the image quality we rely on for fast and accurate imaging, we have bolstered our imaging offerings by installing Toshiba's Aquilion Lightning CT system," stated Jackie Reviel, CEO, APH. "We constantly strive to provide a better patient experience with safer and low-dose exams for all of our facility's imaging needs, and the Aquilion Lightning will help us continue to exceed these goals and meet industry CT dose compliance standards."

The Aquilion Lightning comes with a powerful 50-kW generator that is capable of imaging a wide range of patients and utilizes Toshiba's PUREViSION CT Detector technology and AIDR 3D Enhanced (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D Enhanced) to help reduce dose and improve patient safety. In addition, Adaptive Diagnostic solutions, such as Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction (SEMARTM) and SURESubtractionTM, help simplify complex scans. These technologies, along with the industry's thinnest slices, at 0.5 mm, and a 78-cm bore, help optimize workflow and patient comfort.

"We understand that in today's healthcare environment, patient experience and satisfaction comes first," said Satrajit Misra, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Development, Toshiba. "We designed the Aquilion Lightning to combine reliability, safety, efficiency and high-quality images so that healthcare providers can focus on what matters most - providing the best possible care to their patients."