Application Form Instructions

Instructions for completing our application form and emailing as an attachment to

1. Print this instruction sheet. Read and follow instructions as you complete and email the application form.

2. On the Allen Parish Hospital website Jobs/Careers page, click on the link to download the PDF file application form. Because the form is five pages long and may take you a while to complete, save it to your desktop, hard drive, or jump drive as yournameapplication form.pdf. Re-save it periodically as you work on it.

3. Read the application form and tool tips as you complete the form. Click in each box and type your information.

4. If you must close it and work on the application format some other time, do not go back to the Allen Parish Hospital website to open it later. You must open the file yournameapplication form.pdf from wherever you saved it when you worked on it last by double clicking on it.

5. When you complete the application form, resave it to your computer or jump drive. Keep a copy of the application form for your files.

6. To email the application form, open your email account (whether it is in Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, CenturyTel, etc.)

7. Create a new email message. In the "TO" Box, enter the email address:

8. In the subject line of the email, type your name then type application form.

9. Click on the Attach Files Button, then browse for your application form that is saved on your desktop, hard drive, or jump drive. Attach it to your email.

10. Type a message in the message box if you wish.

11. Click on the Send Button in your email window.

12. Your application form has now been sent to the Human Resources Department at the APH.

13. When your application has been received in the Human Resources Department, you will receive a confirmation stating that your application has been delivered to the Director of the Human Resources Department.